We Are Foodora Klubben

Foodora Club is our local club in the Oslo Transport Workers' Association, part of the Fellesforbundet in LO (Labor Union). Fellesforbundet is the country's largest private union with over 160,000 of LO's total of 950,000.

Here is a practical explanation of the benefits of joining the union. A thoughtful and unemotional accounting of the pros and cons of paying union fees.

Learn about upcoming elections and what they mean. Here you can read candidate bios and mission statements. Find roles and learn about leadership.

Use our application form or register through LO Union. We explain what the questions mean and when to expect a response and how payments are taken.

For the right person to answer your press contact questions and union members can get who they need. The general public can get a speedy answers.

Learn about our staff and what we do. Read about the history of Foodoraklubben and learn about what we offer to food delivery workers in Norway.

How to understand the gig economy and employee rights and learn about the use of strikes to achieve collective bargaining agreements.